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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  February 28, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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let me finish tonight with this. i'd like to think that the college of cardinals will find the perfect successor to st. peter. i'd like to think they'd find someone young enough, strong enough, courageous enough and visionary enough to lead to fill the shoes of the fisherman with a ceo. i'd like to think that the church men can find an allen mallali to run our beloved but troubled church. the trouble is central. it's with the priesthood. right now, the notion is that -- and it is a notion -- that there will be a sufficient number of men willing to give up sex for life and at the same time be able to connect with human
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beings and still love them the way jesus loved mary magdalen. yes, that's my answer. yes, it can be done. the college of cardinals is capable of finding such a pope. the one absolute demand that i put forward is that they make the effort. no caving to the most conservative or most cautious or some cute selection from someone of a hitherto unknown home of a pope. we've had two popes in a row from countries where they grew up under oppression. perhaps that explains their inability to unshackle the church from the past. people who are repressed in their religion tend to be very conservative. here's hoping prayer is really in order here. that the next leader of the catholic church has something of john the xxiii in him and the birth of paul vi and the role of women in the churnl. lots needs to be done. god bless our next pope.
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god bless the decision on how to pick him. and that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "politics nation" with al sharpton starts right now. >> thanks, chris: and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, republicans pass the buck. on this case, 85 billion bucks. with just one day to go until massive spending cuts kick in, republicans have a new idea and it's a doozie. they never wanted a balanced approach that the president wanted. some cuts, some revenues increases, nope, they want just cut, cut, cut. so, today, they decided their new plan would be make the president decide which programs get axed. now, why would they want to make the president wield the ax? well, maybe they've turned on their local news in their home districts to see that the
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country is furious about the cuts. >> senior action runs meals on wheels ain hastings and provide a hot meal to 80 seniors. but the popular see questio ewur but the popular see questio ew all to a halt. >> special education would take a $91,000 hit. >> all of liberty county are civilian jobs. thousands of people get a paycheck because they work at ford stuart. >> more than 3,000 children take part in the head start program. but like many government agencies, it's been bracing for cuts from the sequester. >> if inspectors are pulled from the line, it could slow production. that means you'll be paying more for your maelt. >> if this could go away, you're talking a lot of people that would not have a nice, hot meal. >> people losing hot meals.
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kids kicked out of head start. people paying more for groceries. sure, the republicans want to cut, cut, cut. but their brilliant idea now is for president obama to take the blame. if this isn't a perfect nice try, i gotchya, i don't know what is. the president knows it, too. >> lately, some people have been saying, well, maybe we'll just get the president some flexibility. he can make the cuts the way he wants and that way it won't be as damaging. you don't want to have to choose between let's say do i close funding for the disabled kid or the poor kid. >> it shouldn't be a choice between a disabled kid or a poor kid. how about a choice between oil companies or hedge fund managers. that's what the president wants to do. soften these harsh cuts by closing loopholes for the rich. so republicans, how about it?
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are you up for some balance? some fairness? >> why is the revenue discussion closed now? >> well, the president got his tax hikes. >> obama got his tax hikes? speaker boehner, what about the american people? 76% say they want to replace this cut, cut, cut mess with a mix of tax hikes and spend cuts. speaker boehner, i can't hear you? but can you hear me now? joining me now is joan walsh and ezera cline. thank you both for coming on the show. joan, let me start with you. why not a balanced approach? >> because they're beholden to the wealthy, reverend al. and that's their line and they're sticking to it. so they're serving us the sugar-coated, satan sandwich. they're expecting it to really damage the president.
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and this business about he -- we're going to give him flexibility and he can make the cuts is such coward es. it's an old story. they don't want to get out there and propose specific cuts and make headlines for proposing those cuts because they know they're unpopular. and now they've added to the rhetoric that the president wants to steal their money and he's a thief wanting to raise taxes, which is another level of ugliness. so, you know, i think we're stuck with this and we're going to maybe see a resolution at the end of march when they have to deal with the continuing resolution. the ball is rolling down the hill. >> now, ezera, i've been reading you. i gather you see it a little differently? >> not particularly. i think it's clear that we need what the president calls a balanced approach. i think tax revenues make the biggest sense. my biggest problem with the sequester is the economic impact.
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it is an insane thing to do in a weak economy. now, the republican plan to give the president more discretion. if somehow he can spread those cuts over ten years, that would be a much better sequester. frankly, if you held everything else constant, discretion is better than no discretion. but making it so that you back load the cuts and hopefully the tax increases so that you don't hurt the recovery and you spread the pain a little more equally and intelligently, it's obviously a much better proposal. i mean, nobody wanted the sequester we have now. >> but they're not talking about anyone sharing the pain but middle class and poor people. they're saying no revenue at all and cut, cut, cut. so whether it's spread pain or pain that you feel acutely right away, why are we not talking about closing loopholes and dealing with the wealthy and the super wealthy in this country. >> well, i think we are. the republicans oppose any kind
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of tax increase and i think somewhat insanely, oppose any kind of cut and tax expenditures, even though, and think i this is a really important thing to remember. the republican budget in 2012 says tax expenditures are just like government spending. and that is the position of republican economists and, indeed, all economists. a lot of these cuts, in fact, the biggest bulk of them, they're not just on the middle class. they're on defense. and i would take big defense cuts. i would prefer rich people have a reason to vote to donate to charity than that we spend more on another aircraft carrier. with that said -- >> i agree with that. joan? >> so there should be a balanced approach. but we should be able to move this over ten years. >> and i'm going to joan, but i don't disagree with that in terms of the defense budget. but i say even with that, i want to see the loopholes closed. i do not understand why we are seeing people and leadership
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defend people having loopholes on their yachts and their private jets and their homes if they make over a million dollars. i think that has to be on the table. joan? >> and, ezera, i'm sure we agree that capping deductions and doing things like that are less desirable, but getting rid of carried interest and oil and gas subsidies, there are lots of other tax expenditures and lots of other subsidies and lots of other tax reform that i think wouldn't affect charitable reduction. so i think we could do a little bit of all of it if there was anybody to compromise with, frankly. >> if i could disagree with you. i agree we should get rid of the loopholes to help out hedge fund managers. but really, what the president's proposed is 90% for the rich, 90% of itemized deductions are charitable deduction and the mortgage interest deduction. so the bulk of them will come from those three.
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and i want to be clear. i think that's a perfectly fine idea. i think given a one-on-one choice with defense cuts, i would take the defense cuts because i think over time, you will get those capped expenditures while i think cutting defense is an important thing to build up and it's something that you're problem lot not going to get under other circumstances. >> i would agree with the defense cuts. but i also think we've got to keep revenue. that's what the american people voted for. revenue must be on the table. we did not get all of it during the fiscal cliff. and, to think these oil companies and these guys with yachts and jets are not going to feel anything, to me, is not something that we ought to entertain. let me show you this, joan. speaker boehner was asked about why he doesn't show some leadership on this issue. let me show you what he said. >> i think that the administration is trying to play games. play games with the american people. scare the american people.
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this is not -- this is not leadership. >> so you do not believe, as the highest-ranking republican in the government, that this is your responsibility to lead on this issue? >> no, we elect a president to lead. >> we elect a president to lead? very true. but we only want him to lead, joan, if he's going to cut from programs that are going to help people if he's saying, fine, i'm leading, we want revenue on the table, now we don't want him to lead. >> right. i agree with nancy pelossi. this has become a drive by congress. john boehner is always trying to pass the buck. he's always finding someone else to blame. and what he's really interested in is keeping his own job, not the jobs that are going to be lost through the sequester. it's getting frankly hard to watch at this point. >> ezera there's been a lot of
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talk that president obama has moved the goal post by asking for tax increases. but you write this weekend, and i'm quoting ezera to ezera. the american people voted for the kwie who wants to cut the deficit by increasing taxes. they also voted for senate that would cut the deficit by increasing taxes and then they voted for a house that would cut the deficit by increasing taxes. though due to the quirks of congressional districts, they didn't get one. the american people were very clear on where they want ed the goal post moved to. >> i agree with that. the sequester was meant to not happen because we didn't get a deal in the super committee. then, when you talked to people back then, what they said would settle this big argument was the election. so we had the election. and, happily, for settling the
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argument, it came out the same way for every level of government. more people vote for democrats in the senate than people vote for the president. the fact is because of the way people are disproportionate in this country. if you look at the polls, i think you quoted one in your introduction, they remain, pro, including further, taxes in these deals. so there's absolutely no doubt, either in elections or in the polls, where the american people stand on this. >> joan walsh and ezera cline, thanks for coming on the show tonight. ahead, a major win for women today. but how in the world did 138 republicans vote against -- against -- the violence against women's act? and 159 years ago today, the republican party was founded on equal rights and ending slavery. how did it go from lincoln to
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lumb lumbar? and is he a supreme court justice or a fox news front man? the evolution of the justice entitlement comment is coming up. this is "politics nation." stay with us. ♪ now, it's the same old song ♪ but with a different meaning since you've been gone ♪ ♪ it's the same old song ♪ but with a different meaning since you've been gone ♪ ♪ ♪ say a little fool am i for access to one of the top wealth management firms in the country. for a team of financial professionals who provide customized solutions. for all of your wealth management and retirement goals, discover how pnc wealth management can help you achieve.
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have you joined the politics nation conversation on facebook yet? we hope you will. today, folks were cheering the passage of the violence against women act. clara says great news for american women. but the fight is not over yet.
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joseph jokes i bet scalia sees this as an entitlement for women. rebecca says why do the republicans put us through the pulling teeth thing every time they go to vote? that's a good question. we'll talk more about the violence against women act coming up next. we want to hear what you think, too. please head over to facebook and search "politics nation." and like us to join the conversation that keeps going long after the show ends. ut i'lu what impresses me. a talking train. this ge locomotive can tell you exactly where it is, what it's carrying, while using less fuel. delivering whatever the world needs, when it needs it. ♪ after all, what's the point of talking if you don't have something important to say? ♪
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the bill is passed. would you describe objection, the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. >> that's what victory looks like. after months of gop delay and obstruction, the house finally renewed the violence against women act. sending it to president obama to sign into law. republicans had fought for months against the law. because it expanded protections for native americans and the lgbt community. that's the gop in a nutshell. opposing a law because it protects more people from violence. today, 138 republicans still vote gerns the violence against women act. but back in 2005, just two voted no.
3:20 pm
it was happily signed into law back in 2006. from one vote to 138, the majority of the party, that's how extreme the republican party has become. joining me now is congresswoman from california. congresswoman, congratulations on the vote 20d. >> thank you, reverend al. >> how could so many republicans oppose for so long? >> you know, as much as we were applauding on the house floor today, it took 14 months. that's because it's got a proven record of success. we've seen a reduction in the number of cases of domestic
3:21 pm
violence. we've seen the number of women who've died as a result drop by 30 prnt. so why wouldn't we want to just rush to reauthorize it? >> especially when you've done it twice before. it also parallels that 25 states enacted 42 anti-choice measures. when we look at the map this year, there are 19 states with anti-choice governors and republican state legislatures. >> you know, one of the worst
3:22 pm
and there are many, but among the worst are giving physicians to violate their professional conduct by not sharing important information about the condition of the fetus. how much more twrised can they get in their approach? >> and another thing that bolters me is that just today, while you were finally getting this delayed vikts ri, republicans in arkansas were overriding the governor's veto of a nearby on abortion starting in the 20th week of pregnancy and backed a second measure that would out law the procedures in most cases beginning in the 12th week.
3:23 pm
>> you know, the irony is that you can argue that these kinds of bills are unconstitutional. and our republican colleagues are quick to say, but we don't want to do anything that's not constitutional. we've got to protect our first and second amendment rights. and here you have them. clearly wanting to violate the constitution. >> now, stunning things have been said. in fact, a republican lawmaker in new hampshire had to apologize for saying some people liked being in abusive relationships and are free to leave. listen to this. >> some people make the argument that a lot of people like being abused.
3:24 pm
i tind to say no. people are always free to leave. >> these are amazing statements from elected leadership. >> these are people that are so ignorant that they have probably never heard of the battered women's syndrome, which is, in fact, documented over and over again. women who are in violent relationships are so excluded from society, can't even go out -- or if there are children at stake if they were to leave. this is an individual who is truly ignorant. >> well, congresswoman, thank you again for your victory and thanks for your time tonight. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> coming up, 159 years ago, the republican party was born. and, today, they sound like that old and imagine this.
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sounding 159 years old today. imagine a world where the right wing talk show host winds up on a supreme court? scary, right? but it may just be reality. stay with us. [ coughs ] [ angry gibberish ]
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are you feeling sorry for rush limb baa? >> it makes me ashamed that we have sunk and descended to this level in our politics in order for the left to be able to advance. they require ignorance. the left has beaten us. they have created far more low information, unaware, uneducated people, than we've been able to keep up with. >> better get some cheese for wine and cheese party for rush wine and cheese party, that is. the real shame is the influence right wingers like rush are having right now, right now on the supreme court. yes, that means you, justice scalia. that's coming up. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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happy 159th birthday to the republicans. on this day, 159 years ago, the republican party was founded. this young lawyer named alvin boyvae, physically opposed to slavery, had the idea of creating a new political party based on a platform of abolition. bovae and 16 other members of the whig political party, along with some democrats and free soilers, met on this day in 1854 in this small church in wisconsin. hours later, they left as self-dubbed republican, united in the fight against slavery. six years later, abraham lincoln was elected on the new republican party ticket and went onto emancipate the slaves. so what happened to that party? it's gone from the party of
3:34 pm
lincoln to the party of limbbaugh. today, they want to cut deficits. that's fine. but they're trying to do it on the backs of the poor. that's not fine. loopholes for oil companies while slashing medicare/medicare. they're against gay marriage, but they're for voter id laws. what happened to the party of 1854? republicans sound and act like they're 159 years old today. joining me now, crystal ball and abbey huntsman. thank you both for coming on the show tonight. crystal, what happened to the republican party of lincoln? >> it goes back to the civil rights era in the '60s. southern white democrats abandon the party and join the republicans. republicans found out that there was this sheet that they could use, basically stoking, fear mongering: and as things progressed, using racial code words to win elections.
3:35 pm
and we've seen that. even in the past election, 2012, we saw newt gingrich talking about food stamps and the food stamp president. and we saw the rhetoric of the makers and the takers of the 47%. for the first time now, though, demographics have shifted where they have to, i think, to move forward as a party, they have to abandon that southern strategy and come up with something else that's going to resonate and appeal to voters that's going to come across a wide variety of backgrounds. >> you know, abbey, i think clearly what crystal is saying is true. i remember my mother and father and the bishop that licensed me when i was a boy preacher, all republicans, and they changed in the '60s during the civil rights era. but we've gone from just civil rights extreme views in the south to extremism across the board. let me hit you with this. extreme wing of the gop is winning.
3:36 pm
in iowa, mainstream republican tom latham, won't challenge tea party favorite steve king for tom hawkins' senate seat even though latham showed he would have a clear path to the u.s. senate not only in the general, but in the primary. now, abbey, has the tea party become so powerful that they're scaring mainstream republicans away? >> you know, the origin of the republican party fought for equal rights. they really came together to stop the expansion of slavery. i think the history of the republican party is so fascinating. i'm so glad that we're having this conversation. and the history is something that we often forget. as you said, abraham lincoln was the first republican to come in as president. and he fought to end slavery. that was 150 years ago.
3:37 pm
if i could imagine lincoln living today, he would probably be pushing for a debate on immigration. he would be pushing for a debate on gay marriage. he would be pushing for a debate on equal rights. that's not being done as much as i would like it, as much as many republicans would like to see. unforchew natly, we're a severely divided party. but, reverend, we've been a divided party before. you remember back in 1912, when roosevelt stormed out of the convention -- >> well, i read about it. i don't remember. go ahead. >> but then he started the full noose party, ran against william taft and his own party. a divided party, that's not necessarily something new. but it's something that we are struggling with today. we've taken individual issues and we've taken them to the extreme. ronald reagan said we need to be fiscally conservative. the government is a terrible thing. we should have absolutely no government. so we're seeing an extreme end
3:38 pm
to the party today. >> and you always had to push, krystal, let's not forget if it wasn't for the abolitionists and frederick douglas and others who became republican, lincoln and others would not go. but they did go. they did respond. but now you don't even have the divided party. it seems like they're being bullied. intimidated. chris christie, probably the most popular republican in the country, who is very conservative and i disagree with on many things, he's being blacklisted from the big conservative party of the year, cpac. he wasn't invited to speak because he wasn't conservative enough. with all the conservative things he's done in new jersey. listen to his response. >> i didn't know that i hadn't been invited to cpac until two days ago when i saw it in the news. yeah, listen. i wish them all the best.
3:39 pm
they get to decide who they want to come and not come. it's not like i'm lacking invitations. i can't sweat the small stuff. i've got a state to rebuild. >> and, again, christie is very conservative and done some things that i think are absolutely wrong. he's too progressive? or liberal for the party now? what are we talking about? >> it's crazy when you think of the fact that they said cpac is the all-star line-up of conservatives, right? so for their all-star line-up, they've chosen people like sarah palin, mitt romney, yes. chris christie, no. it doesn't make sense. obviously, chris christie has something he could say to this group. now, people are saying this is going to be a problem for him for the republican party. and i do think it is an issue.
3:40 pm
and i think everything behind the issue that they cite, i think the thing that really upset them the most was the way he em brabraced the president. he won't against that and i think that was where he really crossed the line. but i do think he can recover by 2016. . he'll get reelected in 2013 and he's got plenty of time to get back in the good graces between now and then. >> let me get back to the party now a minute, abbey. what can this party do to get back closer to the kind of party this was at its inception since we are on its birthday? what would we have to do? >> the number one word is tolerance. we talk about chris christie, he reminds me a lot of -- not necessarily a lot, but in a lot of ways, of my dad. both strong governors. both, i would argue, more
3:41 pm
capable of winning a general election than anyone else in the republican field right now. put the primaries aside. if you put someone in a general election, they are the two that probably have the best chance of winning. they have a broad appeal. they both are governors of state's popular governors. they know how to lead. they know how to bring people together in their state to get something done. i think the party, you know, they need leaders. they need ideas. they need to come together on something that they all agree on. but you know what, reverend, i don't think they're going to be united as a party until they win. i think they have to have a successful election before they get united in a common cause. >> you see how abbey weaves her father in there when i ask a question? krystal ball and abbey huntsman, thank you for being on the show tonight. >> thanks, reverend. >> how in the world did right
3:42 pm
wing talk shows and conservative-talking points make it to the highest court in the land? that's next. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. for if we are truly created equal, than surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well. >> and rgs today, that journey took a step forward. the obama administration is calling for same-sex marriage to be legal in california. the administration just filed a brief to the supreme court asking it to strike down the state ban on same-sex marriage known as proposition 8. the journey is not complete, but it's moving in the right direction. the time for change is now. see. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business.
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i was in the supreme court yesterday when justice scalia
3:47 pm
essentially said that voting is a racial entitlement. i was stunned and appalled. they had no place in the supreme court. but that word entitlement is in the ground water with the right wing talkers. >> the country is changing quickly into an entitlement society. >> i'm appalled that the culture of entitlement has exploded so much. >> the thing we've got to deal with more than anything else in this country is this entitlement mind set. >> the entitlement addicts that we all are. >> imagine that, a supreme court justice who sounds just like far right talkers. last year, making the case that if the government can force you to buy insurance, they can force you to eat broccoli, too. >> so you define the market as food. therefore, everybody is in the markts. therefore, you can make people
3:48 pm
buy broccoli. >> hmm, where else did i hear about that green vegetable? >> if they can force us to buy health insurance, they can force us to buy broccoli. >> if they can compel you to buy insurance, why not health food? >> and then the corn husker kick back. >> if we struck down nothing in the legislation except the -- what's it called? the cornhusker kickback, we define that to violate the constitutional proscription of venality. okay. >> hmm. this must all be some kind of coincidence. >>. >> he's been all over this. the cornhusker kickback.
3:49 pm
>> they had to buy the votes for health care. the cornhusker kickback. >> this is a problem. a justice of the supreme court of the united states taking his cues from right wing talk radio. joining me now is toure and michelle bernard. thank you both for being here. >> when they talk about entitlements, i find it very offensive because they're talking about -- it's a coded way of say iing welfare. >> coded? >> barely coded. >> and this way of suggesting that white people work hard and then we are forced by this big government to give the money to that black people. and it's a very insidious way of using us as racial boogeymen and convince them that the small government argument will actually work better for them.
3:50 pm
and this idea, the promise of fairness in elections is a racial entitlement is so offensive and so wrong headed. the idea that we should be able to vote and they won't be able to stop us by imposing voter id or redistricting. the problem is they won't do those things. is an entitlement the promise that we will have fair democratic elections. >> the voting rights act came because people were denying their right to vote. section five was to make sure that those districts that historically had done that could not just make changes without it being precleared. how can you act like it's an
3:51 pm
entitlement when you're protected against being denied as citizens. then, he doesn't stop there. if i could not have moral feelings against homosexuality, can we have it against murder? can we have it against other things? i don't think it's necessary, but it's effective. the views that he's talking, i think some right wing radio hosts have gotten into his head. >> i went to law school. any first-year law school will tell you one of the first things you learn about is the three branchs of government and what their role is. and what we see is some of the lowest thought forms that we can
3:52 pm
see coming from someone who is allegedly a human being. this is absolutely wrong. and there is an argument to be had that in this day and age, after what we saw in 2012, the voting rights act, particularly section 5, probably needs to be expanded. quite frankly, it was not until we saw a black man elected as president of the united states that all of the sudden, how they should vote. the supreme court should be a savior of congress because justice scalia said it is his belief that unless the courts step in, members of congress, even virginia senators, are so scared that they will perpetually vote to reauthorize. >> a lady said to me today that
3:53 pm
i -- she saw the show last night and saw what i said that i was overreacting. i said suppose if i call the violence against women act that finally passed today, a gender entitlement. she said oh, i get your point. that's what people don't understand. citizens have rights and they should be protected. saying that is saying you don't see us as citizens. the court said just yesterday, they have a recent discrimination gsh. >> they had to redo an election a little while ago. that's part of the record. >> this is not historic. this is current and recent problems. over the next three decades, black, brown and asian people will be the majority in america. if you think that that is not
3:54 pm
going to be responded to now and in the future, with attempts to suppress the votes of people of color, then you ooir not paying attention to american history. shouldn't we have the protection? >> it's dealing with those districts that have had the pattern. in their defense, you were the law student. their defense was, well, there are people outside of the united states covered by the act that are doing just as bad. so you're accused of stealing. you don't say no, i'm not a thief, you say there are other people stealing. why are you picking picking on me. >> exactly. they don't have to follow -- you know, follow by the rules. i would say in answer to that again, we're going to see the
3:55 pm
same discrimination not just against african americans but against hispanics and asians. they wrant to make sure that african americans cannot vote so that they do not see a woman or an african american as president of the united states ever again. and let me say this. it started maybe in the '60s in terms of its new form of african americans. this fight is not a fight just for one group. it's a fight for everyone because if they do it to us, they can do it to everyone. thank you for your time tonight. have a good evening.
3:56 pm
>> watch toure on "the cycle" right here on msnbc. ahead, fighting and dying for the right to vote. why we're marching again from selma to montgomery. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer.
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mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. >> we praised and loved those that paid the price 47 years ago. but the best compliment to them is to continue to fight right now. >> this weekend, many of us will continue that fight that i spoke of exactly one year ago. on sunday, i'll be walking with thousands of others, including vice president biden, to remember the historic march from selma to montgomery and to reflect on bloody sunday. that day on march 7th, 1965, was pivotal to the civil rights movement.
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